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Pierre Guay

Sales Doctor

My Sales Clinics will energize you!

We could compare the coaching to being a Doctor. Imagine a patient complaining of a headache and would like to be prescribed some medicine. However a Doctor/Coach can see that there is a deeper problem and the headache is just a symptom. In order to find the real problem, it may require minor adjustment to more in-depth examination to prescribe the proper actions to be in line of achieving your goals. Only an Expert will be in a position to get to the routes of the problems.

My coaching approach is based on this Expert-Doctor analogy. It will take consideration of the behaviours/abilities specific to my clients and their environment to achieve and exceed their goals. I often see at the end of a mandate that my clients are still progressing with the new abilities learned, therefore they are on their way to a new path of success.

There is a big difference between coaching and training. Coaching will offer the tools, the options and my assistance to be able to assemble the new skills to achieve your set goals. Implementing new abilities by the “choice” is the DNA of my coaching sessions.

Here are our Energy Clinics to get in shape fast (dates coming soon)! These sessions are set for 3 hours including a-60 minute private session with Pierre Le Coach. Should you want to extend your sessions, you can buy a bloc of hours of 3, 5, 10 or 15 to assure your time when needed with Pierre Le Coach. Please reserve at

PG Energy Clinics for Sales Professionals

  • CP1 – When do you start closing? At the end?
  • CP2 – Prospecting, a daily activity
  • CP3 – Managing your image with your customers
  • CP4 – Trust : a “Trust Fund” to manage
  • CP5 – Your motivation
  • CP6 – Enrich your conversation with customer$$
  • CP7 – Win with your high impact presentations
  • CP8 – Life balance : body, heart and soul
  • CP9 – “Go for the NO or Go for the Show!” When to say NO!!
  • CP10 – Increase your sales with profits
  • CP11 – Your distinction is YOU
PG Energy Clinics for Management
  • CM1 – Manage your image and impacts :

    • Management Committee
    • Board of Directors
    • Special task force
    • Confidence in you and others
  • CM2 – Are your customers truly profitables
  • CM3 – Motivating your team and yourself
  • CM4 – Leading with coaching techniques
  • CM5 – Create enriching conversation$$
  • CM6 – Sales meeting with fun!
  • CM7 – Winning presentations
  • CM8 – Managing a balanced life : body, heart and soul
  • CM9 – “Go for the NO or Go for the Show!” When to say NO!!
  • CM10 – Major accounts and their financial impacts
  • CM11 – How to create your unique sales personality
  • CM12 – The strength of focus in management, is it a passion or just a function?
  • CM13 – Is your sales structure in line with your corporate goals?
  • CM14 – Performance management Sales forecasts Managing activities to sell more Manage the Mavericks and the non-performers Group and individual recognition Sales compensation : salary/commission/bonuses/profits
  • CM15 – How to be a coach in the field
  • CM16 – Managing your time
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